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    • At least 2 years of experience in related field
    • Advance knowledge in Laravel PHP Framework is a must
    • Knowledge in Backend Development such as (SQL database, HTML, CSS, XML, JSON, Web Service interaction and Javascript)
    • Having knowledge in OAuth2.0 workflows and Javascript frameworks like react, vue or angular is a plus
    • Proficient in Git version control
    • Understand SOLID / DDD principle is a plus
    • Experience in Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests is a plus
    • Excellent communication skills and able to communicate with technical and nontechnical people
    • You are agile and dynamic. So you can easily adjust to the change of environment
    • You are excellent problem-solving skills, eager to learn, target & time oriented and good team player

    Job Desc:

    • Analyze requirements and provide time estimates
    • Write clean code to develop functional web applications
    • Build secure API for web and mobile applications
    • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable code
    • Communicate with the project manager and the project team over progress, issues, and timescales
    • In the future, it doesn't rule out the possibility to write code for front end web applications

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    • Min Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from reputable university
    • Have at least 2 years of experience as an Human Resource and other activities
    • Having experience using GoogleDrive & GoogleSheets
    • Efficient HR administration and people management skills
    • Excellent record-keeping skills
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
    • Strong decision-making and problem-solving skills

    Job Desc:

    • Assist with all internal and external HR-related matters.
    • Participate in developing organizational guidelines and procedures. 
    • Conduct end-to-end recruitment process (including psychological test and scoring)
    • Investigate complaints brought forward by employees.
    • Coordinate employee development plans and performance management.
    • Perform orientations and update records of new staff.
    • Manage the organization’s employee database.

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    • Understands the DevOps concept and involved in practicing it
    • Experienced in managing DevOps process
    • Experienced with Container technology (Kubernetes, Docker, CRI-O, or other similar products)
    • Experienced with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Gitlab CI
    • Experienced with Linux system: CentOS, RHEL, Linux Administration
    • Experienced with system monitoring, logging, high availability, redudancy, autoscaling and failover
    • Experienced with networking and load balancing: Nginx, Firewall, IP network
    • Experienced with database and caching management
    • Strong knowledge about Web Server Configuration (Nginx, Reverse Proxy, Port Forwarding, and Load Balancing)
    • In depth knowledge and experienced on Linux Administration and various complex products installation and maintenance (Linux Clustering, Storage system, etc)
    • Able to design and tune an effective Linux Operating system for a specific product which will be installed on top of it. (Kernel parameter tuning, security tuning, OS hardening, etc)
    • Familiar with networking concept & automation scripts
    • Experienced with automation, from simple shell/python scripts to more complex software engineering solutions
    • Good understanding of IT system architecture
    • Outstanding customer service and communication skills
    • Cloud knowledge is a plus
    • Knowledge in Grafana, Kafka, and Redis is a plus

    Job Desc:

    • Maintain and optimize local company networks and servers
    • Responsible for devices and password management
    • Oversee data backup and system security operations (e.g. user authorization, firewalls)
    • Manage installations, upgrades and configurations of hardware and software
    • Assess system performance and recommend improvements
    • Resolve issues escalated by technicians and engineers
    • Ensure data is handled, transferred or processed according to legal and company guidelines
    • Provide support and guidance to stakeholders
    • Manage Continuous Integration & Continuous Development
    • Responsible in uploading applications to Google Play Store
    • Deploy backend server from development to production environment
    • Manage and ensure effectiveness of ISP PT JDS and its network elements

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